What is Takeo Province, Cambodia?

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What is Takeo?

Takeo is a province of Cambodia.

(In Khmer: ខេត្តតាកវ. It means “crystal grandfather.”)

It is located west of the Bassac River in southern Cambodia and borders Kampot province to the west, Kampong Speu province to the northwest, and Kandal province to the north and east.

The southern part of the country is the international border with Vietnam.

Takeo is often referred to as the “cradle of Khmer civilization” because it was the center of the former Hunan Kingdom and its successor, the Chenla Kingdom (the Chinese name for the successor government of the Hunan Kingdom that preceded the Khmer Empire).

The 10 districts

As of 2019, the province has 9districts and 1municipality, 3sangkats and 9communes and 1,119villages.
See “Cambodia: five administrative layers” for more information on classification.

The capital of Takeo province is Doun Kaev (formerly known as Takeo), a small town with a population of 39,186.

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