What’s the next ideal place for you to rent in Phnom Penh?

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CAMBODIA : Median Rental Price of apartments/condominiums per location

Cambodia Median Rental Price of apartments/condominiums per location

Chbar Ampov

Chbar Ampov tops the list of median rental prices as the area is only starting to see developments, primarily from high-end projects.

Por Sen Chey and Sen Sok are also seeing new attention from developers but have a wider portfolio of new projects. As of August 2020, Por Sen Chey and Sen Sok are ideal places for those looking to rent in Phnom Penh.

Sen Sok

Sen Sok is a northern district offering plenty of city conveniences as it is close to the highly-urban area of Toul Kork. The district is also home to AEON Mall 2, Phnom Penh’s biggest shopping mall yet. The district’s open and wide space give the area a great potential for future residential and commercial development.

Por Sen Chey

Por Sen Chey is Phnom Penh’s western district where the Phnom Penh International Airport is and, as of recent year, been a hub of boreys. As central Phnom Penh’s property prices soared, more Cambodians have started living in the suburban areas of the capital; Por Sen Chey is one of the choice areas for suburban/borey living. But as Phnom Penh’s outward expansion continues, apartment/condominium developers have started looking to districts like Por Sen Chey for new development opportunities.

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