Opened a new road connecting Toul Kork district to Daun Penh district

new road : Toul Kork Dam to Daun Penh

The Phnom Penh Administration on September 13 opened a new road connecting Road 283 around the Toul Kork Dam to the Boeung Kak area in Daun Penh district.

The new road is AC paved 20-meter-wide road which has has been under construction since 2019.

Director of the Department of Public Works and Transport Mr Sam Piseth said after the opening, the road would help reduce traffic congestion on Street 70, Street 273 (Toul Kork Dam), and Russian Blvd.
To ease traffic congestion in the city, Phnom Penh Municipality has been actively enhancing a number of road systems.

Reference source : Construction Property

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