【Changing Cambodia】 Visiting the AEON 3 construction site

イオン カンボジア

The third AEON Mall is currently under construction in Cambodia!

▼AEON3 completes the drawing.

イオン3 カンボジア

The mall is located approximately 8 km south of the center of Phnom Penh, and is the core facility of ING City, one of the largest projects in Phnom Penh, which is being carried out by a local developer, ING Holding.
Facing the Hun Sen Road, which extends from the downtown area of Phnom Penh to the south of the city, the area is expected to see further population growth in the future with the development of international schools and a large number of residences, apartments and villas.
The mall aims to be the area’s No. 1 mall by providing local residents with the latest trends and proposing new and enriching ways of living.
With the first store, “AEON Mall Phnom Penh,” opened in 2014, and the second store, “AEON Mall Sen Sok City,” opened in May of this year, Sumitomo Corporation will continue to establish the “AEON Mall” brand in Phnom Penh.

Refer to the official announcement by AEON MALL Co.

▼Location of the AEON Mall

イオン3 カンボジア

■Development of AEON MALL in Cambodia.

  Opening Surface area Extended bed area Total Leased Area
AEON MALL Phnom Penh 2014/6 Approx. 68,000㎡ Approx. 134,000㎡ Approx. 68,000㎡
AEON MALL Sen Sok City 2018/5 Approx. 100,000㎡ Approx. 180,000㎡ Approx. 85,000㎡
AEON MALL3 Cambodia 2023 (planned) Approx. 174,000㎡ In process In process

AEON3, the largest in Southeast Asia!

[2019] AEON Mall Ranked by total rental area (size and size)

イオン3 カンボジア

Data for 2019, but at this point in time, Ion Mall Cambodia’s second store, Ion Mall Sen Sok City, ranks 10th.

The third Cambodia store currently under construction will cover an area of 174,000 square meters, making it one of the top-ranked stores in Southeast Asia.

What are the first and second stores at the AEON Mall Cambodia?

▼AEON MALL 1 Phnom Penh

▼AEON MALL 2 Sen Sok City

▼AEON products in Cambodia

▼Impressions before and during COVID-19

From my perspective, having immigrated to the country shortly before the effects of Corona, the clientele of Aeon Cambodia at that time was more noticeable to foreigners than Cambodians.

Some products are more expensive than the local market or local supermarkets, and I got the impression that this was the kind of place for Cambodians to dress up and go out for a special day.

Impressions after COVID-19

It’s just my subjective opinion, but I feel that the number of Cambodian customers has increased considerably.

Of course, it is a fact that the number of foreigners in Cambodia has decreased due to the effects of COVID-19, but the place seems to be more crowded with Cambodian visitors on any day of the week than before.

How is the construction of AEON 3 progressing?

It was taken in early September 2020.

It looks like we are still in the land clearing stage.
The speed of construction is limited due to the rainy season.

It’s scheduled to open in 2023, which means there are actually about two years left.

Will it really be completed! I always think that the construction work in Cambodia is very fast.

Perhaps this much already in a few months? Isn’t that how far we’ve come?

【Before AEON, After AEON】The Impact of AEON Mall on Cambodia

イオン3 カンボジア
  • Well-maintained parking lot
  • Lots of branded tenants
  • Movie theaters and video game arcades
  • Food courts and prepared foods
  • Great selection
  • Sales of safe and reliable fresh food

Needless to say, Aeon’s expansion into Cambodia has changed the lives of the Cambodian people.

In addition, the construction of the mall itself created a lot of jobs and also increased the value of the land on which it was built.

Three such ion malls will be opened in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

I couldn’t help but feel the strength and energy of Cambodia.

Before and after ion in Japan

▼Aerial photo of the AEON Mall in Ehime, Japan in 1961 (red frame)

イオン3 カンボジア

▼Aerial photo of the AEON Mall in Ehime, Japan in 2020 (red frame)

イオン3 カンボジア

In 1961, the Aeon was mostly surrounded by fields.
The main roads were narrow and not many in number.

By 2020, residential and commercial buildings are densely lined up around Aeon, and the number of main roads have been greatly expanded and increased.

This change is amazing, but Cambodia is being built with modern technology.

I think we’re probably going to see an unbelievable rate of development around the ion.

We are conducting site surveys on a daily basis.

This is not only for the properties we handle, but also to anticipate how the city and the country will develop.

As I’ve written many times, Cambodia is developing at an unbelievable rate.

We’ll be back on our bikes and riding around town to give you fresh, real information…!

▼Why is Cambodian real estate investment so interesting?


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