Cambodian Real Estate
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[Overseas Real Estate] Making up for 30 years of lost time! Why is Cambodia good right now?

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Cambodian Real Estate

We have made a video interview with two companies to show you the attraction of Cambodian real estate!

We talk about why Cambodia is a good place to invest in real estate abroad in the framework of real estate investment.

We shot for quite a long time, but honestly, we still haven’t talked or done enough. LOL.

M&P Professional Project Consulting

Cambodian Real Estate

Mr. Mori has been living in Cambodia for 10 years.

He established a newspaper company in Cambodia.
He is currently running a consulting company for Japanese clients, based on his connections with the Cambodian government and the contacts he made during his newspaper publishing career.
He has a wide range of experience in real estate investment projects and corporate expansion.


Cambodian Real Estate

KeepScope (Staff member Takaoka)

In March 2020, we will establish a real estate company as a local subsidiary in Cambodia.
Our representative has 9 years of experience in buying and selling real estate in Japan, and also has experience in investing in real estate himself.
Our goal is to support our clients to buy and sell real estate with a sense of security, using flexible thinking and ideas as our strengths.

We’re the residents, would like to offer you
“Cambodian Real Estate.”

Cambodian Real Estate

We are always happy to make suggestions from the perspective of Cambodia.

Real estate investment, just buy it and that’s it… It is not the time.

We can introduce you to investments in Cambodia, a country that is experiencing rapid growth, based on a thorough understanding of how you want to manage and increase your assets.

We believe that our greatest strength is that we can actually live in Cambodia and notice the changes in the country through our five senses.

【Real Estate in Cambodia】 Dialogue Video.

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What’s going on in Cambodia?
After watching the video, Cambodian real estate should be an option for you!

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