Cambodian real estate. Interested in overseas real estate?

cambodia real estate investment

Nice to meet you all.

KeepScope is a company that deals in real estate in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia.

We are a broker for residential and investment properties.

Why real estate in Cambodia?

Cambodia Real Estate
  • Area: Kingdom of Cambodia 181,000㎢ (Japan 378,000㎢)
  • Population: 16 million people in Cambodia (120 million in Japan)
  • Religion: Buddhism

The country itself is not large. So what is the attraction?

Charm of Cambodia

cambodia real estate investment
  • GDP growth of 7%.
  • Average age is about 26 years old.
  • All markets are expanding, starting with the real estate purchasing index
  • In addition to the local currency, Riel, you can also use US dollars.
  • High interest rates on bank term deposits (5-6% for 1-year term)
  • Many people speak English.

This alone is a great example of Cambodia’s underlying strength as a country.

It will grow and grow from now on.

In addition to this, the people are friendly. This is where I fell in love with them.

If you are interested in Cambodian real estate

cambodia real estate investment

If you are at all interested, please contact us.

We’ll be sending out information on Cambodian real estate in the future, but honestly, there’s a lot of things we can’t talk about just here.

I’m not trying to be stingy, but I still think it’s better to communicate directly with you.

I have some experience in Japanese real estate myself, and I’m sure I can help those interested in emigrating or investing in the country.

There is more than one choice.

Now is the time to live globally.

▼ The other day I spoke with the village chief of the area in relation to the property. We were given a lot of fruit.

Cambodia Real Estate Investment
Cambodia Real Estate Investment

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