Land for sale : Steung Mean Chey / Phnom Penh)

Land for sale : Steung Mean Chey / Phnom Penh)

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Location: Steung Mean Chey district / Phnom Penh
Type: Land
Price:$165,000 ($1,071/sqm)
Title: Hard

ទីតាំង៖ សង្កាត់ស្ទឹងមានជ័យ / រាជធានីភ្នំពេញ
ប្រភេទ: ដី
ទំហំ: ១៥៤㎡
តម្លៃ ១៦៥ ០០០ ដុល្លារ (១.០៧១ ដុល្លារ / ម៉ែត្រការ៉េ​រ៉េ)

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Located in the capital city of Phnom Penh, Steung Mean Chey district (6.4 km from the Royal Palace).
The land is located in an alley about 2 meters wide from the main street.
It is close to the center of the city
This location is convenient with the banks, international schools, gas stations and other facilities nearby.



プノンペン 売土地
プノンペン 売土地

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Set of two lands (2883 and 2884) which are hard-titled.