Office for Rent (Office Mao Tse Tong/Phnom Penh)

Phnom Penh Office

Location: Mao Tse Tong / Phnom Penh / Cambodia

Building: Office

– 16 USD per 100 sqm
– 12 USD per 300 sqm
– 10 USD per 400 sqm

Rental details:
-Management fee will be free of charge for the first 6 months, 7th months onward will charge 1 USD per sqm.
– Water free of charge
– Electricity 0.25 USD per kilowatt
– Leasing term: minimal 1 year
– For renting 100sqm- free 1 car and 5 motors
– For renting 300sqm- free 2 cars and 10 motors
– For renting 400sqm- free 3 cars and 15 motors


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