【$30 per night with pool and breakfast】 Hotels in Cambodia are cheap.

Sarina Boutique Hotel @ Phnom Penh


You’ll see a hotel with a similar name on GoogleMap, but you can head here!

It’s $30 for two adults and that includes the pool and breakfast!

  • Standard Double Room
  • Swimming pool available
  • Breakfast is included (no buffet)
  • Basic amenities included
  • Air conditioning and a refrigerator are included.

This is $30 for two adults.

  • Staff: Very friendly, English OK.
  • Room: clean and stylish
  • Equipment: most of what you need is here
  • Pool: clean, deep and I like it.
    ※Be careful with children as the water is about 2 meters deep.
  • Breakfast: delicious, with several options to choose from

Once again, this is $30 for two adults.

Check the booking site often!

カンボジア ホテル

I know that Booking.com, the booking site, changes prices every day.

We recommend that you check your favorite hotels often.

This time, Sarina Boutique Hotel also happened to be booked for $30, although the basic rate is from $35.

What is really good cost performance?

カンボジア ホテル
  • Swimming in the pool.
  • Walk around the area.
  • Relaxed reading in a beautiful room.
  • Enjoying take-out gourmet food while watching the sunset.
  • Going to sleep in a little bit and have breakfast.

You can enjoy a weekend of elegance for just over $15 per person.

I think it’s a good cost-performer’s game that I can play because I live in Cambodia.

To begin with, accommodation is very cheap in Cambodia.
How much would it cost to stay in a hotel like this one in your country with a pool and breakfast?

It’s not uncommon to go to a shopping mall or tourist attraction and before you know it, your wallet will be empty… (although that’s a lot of fun), but it’s also great to spend time at a good cost-performance hotel in Cambodia.

I’m sure there are still some good hotels in Cambodia lying around, so we’ll keep exploring and introducing you to them!

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