Research land for sale near Kandal / nearPhnom Penh

カンボジア 売土地

We surveyed land for sale in Kandal province, which surrounds the capital, Phnom Penh.

What kind of land and surroundings is this project near the border with Phnom Penh?

Location in relation to the capital, Phnom Penh

カンボジア 売土地

It’s about a 40-50 minute drive.

It is truly an interstate.

Kandar is in the midst of urban planning.

New Airport Development

カンボジア 売土地
Location of this land and the new airport

▼Construction of AEON Mall 3

カンボジア 売土地

A look at land for sale in Kandal province

Expansion plans have been announced for the surrounding roads and will be constructed gradually.
For example: 5m to 8m, 8m to 12m, etc.

The population is stable with schools, temples and bank branches nearby.

If not for the impact of Covid-19, Phnom Penh would have been included during 2020.
It has been postponed.

The land in this project is managed by the mayor of the village where this project is located, and fruit trees such as mangoes, bananas and papayas are being planted.

The property has already seen a price increase since the beginning of the sale.

I’ve seen the site in person and it’s still tranquil and peaceful now.

However, with the construction of the new airport and AEON 3, prices are expected to rise, and the city’s development can be looked forward to.

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