Field survey of land for sale near Mount Bokor, Cambodia National Park

カンボジア 不動産 カンポット

We’ve come to the national park of Mount Bokor in Kampot, Cambodia.

This is a site survey because there is information on land for sale at the base of this mountain.

A microbus ride to Kampot: Cambodia property survey

It takes about four hours from the capital city of Phnom Penh to Kampot with the driver’s nifty driving.

Along the way, the road in the development was a little bumpy with dust and bumps.

Kampot: Mount Bokor National Park

▼This is the entrance to Mount Bokor National Park.

The property is located just beyond this gate.

Details of the property will be released at a later date.

Some parcels are no longer for sale. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

▼ The property was viewed from the top of the park in the middle of the park.

Beyond where the property is located is the sea and a large tourist port is currently under development.

The number of tourists from Vietnam is expected to increase.

This kind of development is taking place daily in Cambodia, and where infrastructure is in place, real estate prices are expected to rise.

Buying the land, letting it sit for a few years and then selling it sounds like a good exit.


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